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Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN) provides reliable up-to-the-date news and article related to the Universal Church, giving particular emphasis from the messages of the Holy Father and the Holy See. Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN)  offers free access to Catholic dioceses, parishes, and websites, in order to increase their awareness of their activities to the world through internet news syndication.  Its focus is to spread the good news throughout the world which covers news and articles related to the Roman Catholic Church in general.  

Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN) is a Catholic News syndicated agency and member of the Associated News Agency.  It is a free service for the Catholic Church owned and paid for by RPConnect Corporation in full obedience with the Curia of the Catholic Church and the Vatican. They are protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation of the writer or the author of the article, pursuant to US Laws, international conventions, including Italian and European Union copyright laws. All rights are reserved. 

Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN) empowers Catholic writers and publishers to distribute meaningful news.  Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN) is a leading provider of media services in more than 150+ media outlets. 

Celestines Syndicated Catholic News (CSCN) reaches specific industries and geographical areas. Our distribution showcase press releases to the target audiences' group.

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